Manual Inspection Machine for Production Panel Size.


Software focused on its usability

By switching the master mode and operator mode,VISPER can make the registration process smoother.The latest software is equipped with many capable functions for reducing the setup time.

Solution with VISPER Support System
By connecting VISPER and VISPER Support System on the network,
It is possible to do the total support from inspection to quality control issues. 

Equip the Vacum table
The equipping Vacum table can solve board's curve when you detect it.
By using it, you can detect boards more accurately.

The new software, striving an operation
By changing Operator mode to Master mode, you can regist the date smoothly.
You do not need to take time to do the registration work by the latest softwarre.

Dimension & Approx. weight
Dimension 1,020mm × 1,522mm × 1,750mm (W×H×D)
 (40 1/4inch  × 59 9/10inch  × 68  9/10inch)
Approx. weight 390kg (860lb)

VISPER360CLWZ Specification
Applicable PWB size
 25μm (0.99mil)  ,   35μm (1.38mil) / pixel
 Max : 620mm × 720mm (24 2/5inch  × 28 1/3inch)
 t=0.6mm~1.6mm (t =0.024 - 0.063inch)

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