Verify system for VISPER




Assist for verify work
Assist for the verify work of high spec PCB.
It greatly improves work efficiency.

Find the defects without operatation mistakes
Can find any defect, no missing
You can use the Hybrid lighting of adapting the Coaxial epi-illumination and four way bar lighting, it can help to find the defect of pad and resist.You can also adjust the condition of lighting, it automatically switches according to the checkpoint.

Workability emphasis
Visual examination is difficult, so we designed for workers. It can be adjusted to the height of the table, worker can use it easier and work efficiency will be improved.

For new desinge, you can adjust the height of the table,
you can use it more comfortably and work efficiency will be improved.

Device size
1200 × 1200 × 700mm  (W×H×D)
About 105kg
Board size
 MAX 300 × 360mm
Board thickness
5 million pixels COMS color camera
Display range
19.6 × 16.4 ~ 6.2 × 4.6mm
Target resolution Width range of view[mm] Depth range of view[mm]
14.1 μm 34.6 28.9
12.5 μm 24 20.1
7.8 μm 19.2 16.1
3.9 μm 9.6 8

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